Nd3+ and Er3+ in morphous silicon compounds for photonics

  • Daniel Biggemann
Palabras clave: Neodymium, erbium, amorphous silicon, photoluminescence, photonics


This work presents a study of the photoluminescence (PL) of Nd and Er -
doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon compounds. Thin films were deposited by
rf sputtering a silicon target partially covered by small metallic Nd or Er platelets
in a H2 +N2 +Ar or H2 +O2 +Ar atmosphere, respectively. PL measurements on
waveguide geometry were performed. The experimental results indicate a super
linear behavior of the PL with excitation power for both materials at 10 K. There
were found cavity modes indicating a interference process inside the waveguide.
The results suggest the presence of stimulated emission process and the power of
the materials to be used for photonic purposes.

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