Electoral Systems, Racial Tensions and Decentralization

  • Vincenzo Verardi
Palabras clave: Electoral Systems, Racial Tensions, Decentralization


In many ountries, the a ommodation of ethni , linguisti and religious diversities is a ma jor hallenge. The s ope of this paper is to attempt to understand
whi h politi al arrangements might fa ilitate inter-ethni ohabitation. It is indeed extremely important to understand whi h ele toral system ould be seen as
the most eÆ ient in redu ing ra ial tensions both in the short and in the long
run. The ore of the work is the study of the ee t that ele toral systems have on
ra ial tensions but also their intera tive ee ts with de entralization. Using the
best available data ( oming from the International Country Risk Guide) and the
te hniques we believe to be the most appropriate (Interval Censored Regression)
we nd interesting results: rst, ma joritarian systems seem to be positively related
to high levels of ethni tensions while proportional representations seem parti ularly appropriate for redu ing su h tensions. Se ond, we nd that presidentialism,
is asso iated to lower levels of ra ial tensions. Finally we nd that de entralization
is more eÆ ient under parliamentarism than under presidentialism for allowing a
better ethni ohabitation.
JEL CLassi ation: D74, H40, H72

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