Fuzzy Measures and Integrals

  • Linett Montaño Guzmán
Palabras clave: Multiple riteria analysis, Fuzzy measures, aggregation operator


In this paper, we will study the aggregation problem with intera ting riteria,
and we will introdu e the on epts of fuzzy measures and integrals. The fuzzy
integrals are powerful aggregation operators whi h are able to take into onsideration the intera tion among riteria and the fuzzy measures an be used for
modeling the importan e of all subsets of riteria.
We will on entrate in \the Choquet integral ", this fuzzy integral is a weighted
aggregation operator, whi h takes into a ount not only the importan e of the riteria, but also the importan e of all subsets of them. The information about the
importan e and the intera tion between riteria is used in the aggregation pro ess
of the partial evaluations. This paper analyse some hara teristi s and properties
of this operator.

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