The Iron Laws that Rule the ICT Markets

  • Johannes W. Meijer


The history of telecommunications started in the year 1800. This doesn't imply that
before 1800 people didn't try to bridge distance and time in inventive ways. Many of
them did and quite interesting methods were used. The Incas for example used quipus,
knotted cords of different colors that conveyed specific data, and chasquis, specially
trained runners, to convey messages between Cuzco and Quito, a distance of 2000
kilometers, in just ten days. In 1800 the modern era of telecommunications started
however in earnest with the discovery of the battery by Alessandro Volta. A discovery
whose importance can't be underestimated. Mobile telecommunications for example
wouldn't exist without Volta's batteries which enable us to move around freely with
our handheld at the ready.

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