Strengthening public health research for improved health


Enrique Gea-Izquierdo


Research in public health is a range that includes from fundamental research to research in clinical practice, including
novel advances, evaluation of results and their spreading. Actually, public health research is considered
multidisciplinary incorporating numerous factors in its development. Establishing as a mainstay the scientific method,
deepens in basic research, clinical epidemiological research and health services. The premise of quality and relevance
is reflected in international scientific research, and in the daily work and good biomedical practices that should be
included in the research as a common task. Therefore, the research must take a proactive stance of inquiry, integrating
a concern planned and ongoing development of knowledge. This requires improve international coordination, seeking a
balance between basic and applied research as well as science and technology. Thus research cannot be considered
without innovation, weighing up the people and society needs.