Starting a New Chapter


Manuel G. Loza-Murguia


In this new stage we want to improve the magazine to make it useful for readers, on the one hand we intend to maintain their
accreditation project of the contents of the magazine and on the other hand, the boost in indexing websites popularity, who raise the
visibility and therefore coverage to authors and readers who have honored us with their support and we receive frequent visits.
Obviously all the works received will remain subject to internal assessment and peer review as usual. Your acceptance will be based
on significance, originality and validity of the material presented.
The journal is indexed by the time DIALNET. The half-yearly, from 2012 we intend to be a leader in information that is intended to
finding solutions to the problems latent, on the other side seeks to raise awareness among professionals and researchers that the
publication is a prerequisite to in order to will be clear what is being done as has research in the region.